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Decarbonising marine industry

Carnot use case – Decarbonise marine auxiliary power

Zero emission auxiliary engine Global industries are facing unprecedented pressures to chart a course to a sustainable future. One of the industries is Shipping, the backbone of the global economy which delivers over 90% of global trade or 11 billion tons of goods annually and does so at incredibly low cost and high reliability. Despite…

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End for the Internal Combustion Engine?

Following Volvo’s declaration in July 2017 that it would stop designing combustion engine cars by 2019 and the UK’s announcement shortly afterwards that all new cars must be zero-emission by 2040, The Economist ran an article-cum-obituary about the internal combustion engine proclaiming “the end is in sight for the machine that changed the world”. A…

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Decarbonising Mining operations with Oz Minerals

Carnot have partnered with Oz Minerals to develop zero emission off-grid power. One of the key sources of emissions for Oz Minerals is the diesel generators that are needed to provide remote power at the mines. Oz Minerals are exploring hydrogen as a potential solution to avoid those emissions and selected Carnot as their partner…

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