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The world’s most efficient, fuel agnostic, net zero powertrain

Innovative Design

Most Efficient Engine

Modern engines, typically operate around 35% thermal efficiency.

Using advanced technical materials & innovative engine design, we acheive 70% break thermal efficiency 

High efficiency

No cooling required

Cooling systems are required to maintain the integrity of metal components in traditional engines and remove 30% of the energy generated by the fuel. 

Fuel agnostic



Green hydrogen is the fuel of the future, being energy dense & sustainable. We can also use Ammonia / Hydrogen fuel blends

Bio & E-Fuels

Providing an excellent transition away from diesel and an area of huge innovation

Existing Fuels

We can operate on existing fuels to accelerate emission reduction and futureproof designs
Hydrogen engine

The Ultimate Net-Zero Powertrain

All the benefits

No Compromise

Zero Emissions

Clean Energy

70% thermal efficiency

Revolutionary Design

Fuel agnostic

Net Zero capability

Core Applications

Carnot is targeting the hardest to abate sectors marine, long haul road freight and primary off grid power.

These sectors are facing an unprecedented shift and rapidly looking to innovation to achieve net zero. Carnot offers the most suitable powertrain to decarbonise these markets.

Heavy Duty Vehicles


Maritime Transport


Off Grid Power

Keeping up with Carnot

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