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Off-grid Generator

1824, Monsieur Carnot worked out that the maximum efficiency engines can achieve is 85%. Fast forward 200 years and the average efficiencies engines are achieving is around 35%.

Utilising advanced technical ceramics & innovative engine design, we can achieve efficiencies of 70%.

Hydrogen Energy

The off-grid energy and long-haul transport sectors, unregulated until the last decade, must be net zero by 2050.

Carnot Solutions

Carnot power units will be developed to run on hydrogen and biofuels for net zero operation.

Our powertrains can integrate with a wide variety of existing OEM designs.

Our technology enables net zero power whilst doubling the power generated from the same volume of fuel. 

Using our fuel agnostic technology we can also utilise hydrogen, ammonia, bio-fuels or e-fuels depending on which avenue is most efficient to acheive zero emission power. 

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Studio 124, Great Western Studios, 65 Alfred Road, London, W2 5EU

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