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One of the key reasons for the rapid pace of Carnot’s engine development has been our unique approach to development. In order to increase both the quality and speed of innovation, we deploy a wide range of modelling and simulation analysis. 

In order to guarantee the highest quality results, we go all the way back to fundamental physics, starting on 1D models before building up through 2D, 3D which all ultimately feeds into our engine performance model which heavily influences our design decisions.

One of our key tools for this process is the Wolfram Mathematica software which has formed the bedrock of our development modelling since our conception. 

Archie & Francis at the Wolfram Technology Conference 2022

At the annual Wolfram Technology Conference, we were delighted to be invited as the keynote speaker to share how we use the system, how it integrates into our innovation program and give an example to the delegates on how such software can be deployed to rapidly accelerate innovation.

In particular we feel there is huge potential within start-ups to utilise the Wolfram software to carry out fundamental research. 

If you are interested in finding out more, please find below an extract of the presentation during the conference.