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Carnot crowdfunding on Seedrs!

We are very excited to launch a £200,000 Crowdfunding round on Seedrs! 

This raise will provide us with another years runway, allow us to considerably advance our technical milestones and support our numerous grant projects. 

Make sure to have registered with us on Seedrs : 

Supported by £4.6m in Grants!

Many of you may be thinking that 12 months is a lot of runway for a technology intensive company with a team of 11 FTEs. We can maximise the impact of £200,000 due to the considerable support provided by the Government R&D grants we have won. We currently have 5 running simultaneously! 

These include:

  1. £2.3m Hydrogen Marine APU – Pioneering hydrogen engines for Maritime applications and running a 30day pilot trial with a UK Shipping company. 
  2. £1.5m Bio-fuel Generator – Providing off-grid power to rural communities in Indonesia using bio-fuel generated from waste crop residue.
  3. Hydrogen & Ammonia Fuel Blend research – how blending fuels can maximise cost reductions & accelerate Maritime decarbonisation 
  4. Bio-gas generator demonstrator – A 50kW engine showing how bio-gas can replace diesel for off-grid power in industrial applications. 
  5. PhD Ceramic research project – a 4 year research program optimising the use of ceramics in our engine applications. 

Complete technical milestones 

Maximising the impact of our grants allows us to complete more technical milestones and thus minimise shareholder dilution before taking on institutional investors. 

Core targets over the next year include:

  1. Achieving at least a 55% Thermal Efficient engine with the core engine functionality and before exhaust heat recovery. 
  2. Begin multi-fuel development with both Hydrogen & Bio-fuel projects, focused mainly around fuel injector & systems integration. 
  3. Design the containerised solution which will form the core of field trials and our first commercially available  product. 

Targeting Gigaton scale decarbonising impact 

At Carnot, our mission is to have gigaton sale impact, decarbonising some of the heaviest polluting industrial applications on the planet. The maritime sector, heavy duty vehicles and off-grid power (Generators) together account for 13% of global emissions. Our technology is unique in we can decarbonise these applications whilst reducing operator costs. 

We have already proven countless aspects of our technology, achieving what no existing manufacture could previously do. 

Get involved!

Please make sure to have registered on Seedrs as soon as possible to make sure not to miss our. For any questions, please feel free to contact the team directly, and follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates during the round. 


Studio 124, Great Western Studios, 65 Alfred Road, London, W2 5EU

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