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Carnot wins £2.3m grant to deploy Hydrogen Auxiliary Power unit for Marine

Carnot has been awarded £2.3M to develop a zero-emission 50kW Hydrogen auxiliary engine demonstrator in conjunction with our partners Carisbrooke Shipping, Brunel University and the Manufacturing Technology Centre. Following design and simulations, the hydrogen-fired engine will be bench tested in one of Brunel University’s world-leading, hydrogen-approved test cells before being integrated into a containerised system…

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Decarbonising marine industry

Carnot use case – Decarbonise marine auxiliary power

Zero emission auxiliary engine As society becomes increasingly aware of our environmental footprint, global industries are coming under unprecedented pressures to chart a course to a sustainable future. Shipping, the backbone of the global economy, delivers over 90% of global trade or 11 billion tons of goods annually and does so at incredibly low cost…

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Hydrogen use in HGVs – The Financial Times Hydrogen Summit

Archie was recently invited by the Financial Times to speak at their recently Hydrogen Summit. This was a gathering of global leaders involved in the Hydrogen space, discussing everything from hydrogen production, transportation, suitable use cases and the potential impact it could have on decarbonising global activities.  Archie was invited to offer his expertise on…

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Top 10 most exciting Hydrogen Start-up at Energy Tech Summit!

CARNOT are delighted to have been selected in the top 10 most exciting cleantech start-ups at the Energy Tech Challengers 2022. The Energy Tech Challengers identifies the most exciting start-ups across a few core segments including Hydrogen, E-Mobility, Carbon Removal, Digitalization, Battery, AI and the Future Grid. Thanks to the Energy Tech Summit panel…

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Decarbonising Mining operations with Oz Minerals

Carnot have partnered with Oz Minerals to develop zero emission off-grid power. One of the key sources of emissions for Oz Minerals is the diesel generators that are needed to provide remote power at the mines. Oz Minerals are exploring hydrogen as a potential solution to avoid those emissions and selected Carnot as their partner…

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