Nadiur Rahman

Nadiur Rahman

Nadiur leads the physical modelling and design at Carnot. MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Queen Mary University of London. Nadiur’s previous experiences include using advanced engineering techniques to model complex gas flows, kinematics and create computer aided designs. Wide knowledge of modelling structural design concepts in uncooled ceramic engines, delivering two government funded innovate UK projects. Since 2014 he has helped set up web pages, and worked part-time as deputy head at Advanced Tuition, helping under performing and other students attain their objectives. His many interests include motor sport and programming. Nadiur has a keen interest in F1, participating in formula student and 3D printing advanced engine concept prototypes.



Expert in modern engineering techniques and high performance engines


Engine Design

Natural engineer with a sharp eye for innovative design


Computer Aided Design

Expertise in computer aided design and model conceptualisation