Francis Lempp

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Francis Lempp

Francis leads the mathematical modelling and analysis at Carnot. MSc in Particle Physics from Royal Holloway University of London with a dissertation in Molecular Dynamics simulations of bio-liquids and non-Newtonian effects in 2D Lennard-Jones fluids. While studying Francis also completed a research projects the combination of MEG and ultra-low field MRI. Experienced in applied mathematics,  fluid dynamics,  thermodynamics and electromagnetic engineering. Wide knowledge in modelling structural,  gas blow-by and heat transfer concepts in uncooled ceramic engines,  delivering two innovate uk projects. Francis has also been part of robotics,  motion capture projects and machine learning, designing and building his own systems using Arduino and Vicon motion systems. He also toured Canada playing Rugby for St Dunstan’s 1st XV.


Quantum Physics

Expertise in quantum physics, heat transfer & fluid dynamics


Mathmatical Modelling

Experienced mathematical modeller in C++, R, Python and Mathmatica

green energy


Involved in innovative projects and dynamic start-ups