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Team: Innovative Dynamic Experienced

Meet Our People

Carnot blends an exciting mix of innovation and expertise. Combining young creative entrepreneurs with industry experts in engine design and business strategy. We are re-designing, rethinking and revolutionising the internal combustion engine, bringing it into the 21st century.

Innovative founders

Archie Watts-Farmer

CEO & Co-Founder

Francis Lempp


Nadiur Rahman


Business Advisers

Technical Experts

Dr Ed Wood

Engine Design & Development Expert

Dr Ed Wood

Former Chief Designer for Williams F1

Tom Rhodes

Fuel Delivery and Prototyping Expert

Tom Rhodes

Former Head of Design at Dearman Engines

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business development
Research & Development

Experts in business development with experience in fund-raising and a passion for growing start-ups. Enjoys working at the commercial side of the business in the middle of customers, sales, finances.

Business & Operations

Innovative engineers and experienced advisers with expertise in engine design, ceramics, mathematical modelling and prototyping.

green energy

Strategic Partnerships with companies involved in fuel delivery, ceramic manufacturing, sustainable energy, business development and climate change mitigation.