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Decarbonising marine industry

Decarbonising long-haul marine transportation

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CO2 emissions saved per engine per year

One of our cornerstone applications for our technology is for marine auxiliary engines. Our technology provides net zero power, at a cost less than diesel whilst emitting negligible NOx emissions.

Utilising a containerised configuration mounted on the bow and using a Ammonia/hydrogen fuel blend, we proved it was possible to develop net zero emissions whilst costing less than diesel equivalent.

We are looking at working closely with our customer & certification partners to refine this concept, begin field trials and begin production.

Later in our development, we will move into main propulsion systems.

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Delivering net zero now at lower cost

Hydrogen & ammonia fuel blends, costing less than diesel


Studio 124, Great Western Studios, 65 Alfred Road, London, W2 5EU

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